Class Introduction
The Bible tells a single story. This story displays organized structure, coherence of purpose, and unity of message. We read in the biblical story a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion. By entering into this biblical story, we are transformed. We see the world in the biblical story the way it really is, and we see our lives as part of this story. The story continues; it did not end when the New Testament concluded. Our lives are of one fabric with the cloth woven within the biblical narrative, and we await the appearing of Jesus in heaven, which is the next chapter in this story. Believers today are every bit as much the people of God we read about in the books of Genesis, Exodus, and all the rest. The world we live in was created by God, and Scripture informs us of how God and his people interact inside this world.

In this class, we will consider the biblical narrative, the larger story line that begins in Genesis and concludes in Revelation. We will consider how the story of the Bible transforms those who believe and choose to live in relationship with Jesus. We will spend some time reflecting on how we should read and understand this story, beginning with a heart that is quick to believe. Then we will seek to follow this story line, and consider the themes, motifs, and promises that point us to life in Jesus for the Glory of God.

Class Schedule
Class meets every Tuesday night at Grace Baptist Church, from 6:30-8:00, beginning August 22.
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