Global Partnerships

“What will be the signal for your Coming?” the Disciples asked Jesus. “When the good news of the kingdom is proclaimed to all the nations of the world,”

He answered in Matthew 24:14. 

We long for the Lord Jesus Christ to be exalted all over the world and for all people to know Him. At our core, Grace is committed to the Church’s task of being a witness to Jesus to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8). Our priority is to support those ministries that are making disciples and starting new churches in cross-cultural settings (Matthew 28:19-20), all in an effort to proclaim the Gospel among all nations and reaching those who have never heard. Ultimately, the Lord will be exalted among the nations (Psalm 46:10), and Grace is focused on that ultimate end.
Grace has been strategically placed in a college and military community with people coming and going all over the world, keeping us world-connected and rich in human resources for the Kingdom. We support many serving in the States and abroad; in Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Niger, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, and Ukraine. All the partners we support in global discipleship have a strong connection to Grace, and most of them have been sent out by Grace as their home church.

Faith Promise

Grace supports our partners through a method called “Faith Promise.” Each year, we ask the people of Grace Baptist to pray about supporting our partnership efforts by making an annual pledge of support (Faith Promise). This amount becomes our global partnership budget. Those who have not made a Faith Promise are also encouraged to support our partner program at any time throughout the year as they are able. They may do this by designating “Global Partnership” on the memo line of a check or selecting “Global Partnership” from the dropdown menu in Online Giving. Learn more about Prayer and Faith Promise below.