Partner Fund Task Force

Partner Fund Update and Prayer Request

The Partner Fund Task Force has been working under the charge of the Elders, Missions Committee, and congregation on the processes and policies to guide the disbursement of this fund.  We will continue working on these through at least the month of July. Then, it is expected that we will issue a Request for Special Projects Support in August, calling for special project needs. This call for special projects would likely first go out to supported GBC partners with a focus on unreached people groups, which reflects the priorities set by the Missions Committee and Elders.  We will share regular updates with the congregation, so stay tuned for more information!  

Meanwhile, here’s how you can pray with us:
  • Praise God for His provision of these funds dedicated to the spread of the Gospel!
  • Pray for wisdom of the task force members; pray that we will discern which principles we should incorporate as we explore a variety of topics to become better informed, including the following:
  • A Biblical overview of mission giving
  • Lessons-learned from the Missions Committee’s current and past work
  • Principles of grant making
  • How to help without hurting, good stewardship
  • Mindfulness of cultural differences as we formulate guidelines
  • Awareness of challenges in closed or restricted countries
  • Current trends in missions and opportunities related to these trends
  • How to form a process with the appropriate balance of accountability and trust
  • Pray for the final process, that it would be reflective of God’s will for how these funds should be dispersed.
  • Pray for the partners and their work, pray for creativity and that God would even now be setting up opportunities that are the perfect match for use of these funds in spreading the Good News.
  • Pray for those who do not yet know Jesus and will be touched by future projects supported by these funds, and that God will prepare their hearts and minds to receive the Gospel.
Pray for unreached people groups with us this summer - sign up through the Joshua project to receive regular updates: