What Is Perspectives?

Perspectives is a Movement
Perspectives is a global movement that is awakening the Body of Christ to pursue the fulfillment of God’s global purpose within every people group for His glory.
Perspectives is an Education Course
Perspectives is an awe-inspiring comprehensive study course that is rooted in the Scriptures. It’s a multi-faceted learning experience that has profoundly impacted over 250,000 alumni.
Perspectives is an Organization
Perspectives USA is the governing organization that oversees and facilitates the Perspectives course in the United States.

Why Perspectives?

God has a unique role for each Christian in His global purpose of evangelizing the nations.
Perspectives isn’t a course solely about world missions. It’s a study program rooted in Scripture, clarifying each believer’s remarkable opportunity to join God in His global purpose.
You have an integral role to play in God’s story.
He delights when His people respond to His invitation to be a blessing to all peoples of the earth.

Class Information

  • DATES: Tuesday Nights, Jan. 24th thru May 2nd (we will not have a class on March 14th due to Spring Break) 
  • TIME: 6:15pm – 9:00pm 
  • LOCATION: Faith E Free Church 
  • PRICE: $220 for key reading and certificate level, $550 for anyone that desires college credit. 
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: If finances are the only thing keeping you from signing up we do have partial scholarships available. 
The following is a link with more info about the class including pricing and class sign-up: