Partner Month

Preaching Schedule

Jan. 8 - Isaac

Jan. 15 - "The Confounding Costs of Following Jesus" - Josh

Jan. 22 - “Giving & Thanksgiving: The Glory of MIssion Partnership”- Brian
Mark 10:17-31

Jan. 29 - "Victory is Coming" - Dennis
Isaiah 27

Teaching Schedule
(Combined Bible Hour

Teaching Schedule
(Combined Children's Bible Hour)

January 8 - Worship Center, Isaac
January 15 - Worship Center, Andrew
January 22 - Worship Center, Brian
January 29 - Worship Center, Josh

January 8 - Videos from Morgan & Bethany, Eric & Claire
January 15 - Joel & Jen
January 22 - Paula

If you have not received information about children's Bible hour for January, email For information about youth Bible hour, contact

Women's Partner Brunch on January 7th at 10:00am.

Dessert with Brian & Lena on January 7th @ 7:00pm.

Partner Send Off Lunch on January 8th with Bob
@ 12:30pm.

Partner Potluck with Pete on January 8th @ 5:00pm.

Prayer Luncheon on January 15th with Andrew & Abbie
@ 12:30pm.

Partner Banquet on January 22nd @ 5:30pm.

Goal ~ $425,000

A Financial "Faith Promise” is a promise to God to trust Him for a specific financial commitment to world discipleship. This promise can only be given as God provides it. You trust Him by faith to supply that commitment. Faith Promise is the foundation of the Partner budget at Grace Baptist.
  1. Pray about what the Lord would have you commit to give to the partner budget.
  2. Indicate that amount on the Faith Promise Card or through the digital Faith Promise form.
  3. The total of all the Faith Promise cards received becomes the total of the Partnership Budget and is prepared by the Partnership Committee.
  4. If you give by check, be sure you indicate on your check or an offering envelope that it is for faith promise (or partner fund). It is possible to give to both the Partner and General Fund with one check. On the memo line write “Partner Fund” or “General” followed by the amount designated for each.
  5.  If you desire to give online, you can set it up now to start in May. Go to and select Faith Promise or Global Partnership or just click here. Underneath frequency there is an option to change the date of giving to start after May 2023. Email for more details or further instructions. Recurring gifts do require signing-in.
  6. Be faithful to give as God enables you.
REMEMBER! You must submit a Faith Promise for your giving will be included in the Partner Budget!!
Click here for Partner Promise Sign Up 
Our goal for May 1, 2022, – April 30, 2023, is $425,000!