Men of Grace, join us for our annual Men's Retreat!  You can expect fellowship, Bible teaching, good food, time to think & more.  All sessions will be held in the MCC Chapel with guest speaker Dave Coats.  We will kick off our event with a BBQ meal in City Park.

Dr. David Coats and his wife, Dr. Judi Coats, will be at Grace Baptist Church the first weekend of June. They look forward to sharing from the Word and from their counseling experience with individuals and couples.  A pathway to complete satisfaction and enjoyment of God. Their specific focus will be sexual purity and how the church should disciple, mentor, and love those who struggle and fall. Dave and Judi will show some of the specific ways the church should walk alongside these members.

DATES: June 2-3, 2023
LOCATION: Manhattan Christian College Library
TEACHING: Dave Coats

4:00-5:30  Fellowship and Check-in - City Park, south pavilion
5:30  Dinner
6:30  Session 1 - move to MCC Chapel
8:30  Fellowship

8:00  Breakfast
8:45  Session 2
11:00  Break
11:15  Session 3
12:00  Lunch
1:00  Session 4
1:45  Time for personal reflection and coaching

Sunday Morning Ministries
DATES: June 4, 2023
LOCATION: Grace Baptist Church, 2901 Dickens Ave, Manhattan, KS
TEACHING: Dave & Judi Coats

8:30  Worship service
10:00  Bible Hour - Separate Men’s and Women’s sessions
11:00  Worship service

$20 (non-student)
$10 (student and youth)

*Scholarships available upon request.